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Astkatta Súpu Soup Pouch

Astkatta, from Iceland, has been working hard for years to make cats healthy food. With Icelandic classical cats supplementary nutritional formula, coupled with fresh and excellent ingredients, to produce the most proper benefits of balanced nutrition cat food. All our formula is designed by our experienced dietitian.


Hydrate Fill Up Tuna Soup

Moisture 92.5% up

Cats are made up of about 60-70% water, keeping cats hydrated will keep her happy & healthy.

Kidney Care Tuna Pottage

Moisture 90.5% up

Prebiotic helps decrease kidney blood value (BUN and Creatinine).

Seaweed is a source of all amina acids, especially glycine helps renal failure increase glomerular filtration rate (GFR)


Urinary Care Tuna Pottage

Moisture 90.5% up

Cranberry Extract can lower the pH of Cat's urine.

Yucca Extract helps reduce the levels of Ammonia.

Kitten Recipe Tuna Meat Soup

DHA + Calcium +

DHA & Calcium is crucial in supporting early stages of the kitten development.

DHA helps boosts cognitive development (Brain & Eyes).

Calcium helps boost bone and joint development. 


Senior 9+ Tuna Pottage

Moisture 90.5% up

Coconut Oil contains a good source of MCTs (medium-chain triglyceride oil).

MCTs supporting nutrient absorpition and digestion, improve the health of skin and coat.

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