Why Astkatta

Freshly Caught Fish
Cute Cat
Fish and Herbs Knolling

Nutrition Recipes

Our recipes are so nutritionally advanced and easy to digest, healthy, that they are suitable for all cats. Our meat are 100% free range and fish, prawn, mussel from Atlantic non-polluted environment. Astkatta focus on Cat food with special recipes balanced nutrition and delicious.

Cat Lovers

Home is where your cat is in Iceland. These days, you will find lots of different cat breeds in Iceland, from the fluffy Norwegian forest cat and the exotic-looking Bengal cat to all kinds of mixed breeds. There is one cat owner for every ten Icelander. So don’t be surprised if you see a cat on every street corner. Most of them have loving homes, are well-fed and are ready to demand your attention.

Health Assistant

Astkatta Cat Food Formula included "Strengthen Immune System Formula", "Urinary Tract Health Formula", "Anti-aging & Anti-inflammatory Formula" meet daily needs for the cats.