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We believe that the Astkatta range is simply the best you can feed your pet - we use healthy, nutritious, natural ingredients with carefully chosen vitamins and minerals, to help keep your pet in the best condition. Our recipes use only proper meat which is either fresh or freshly prepared, no cheap fillers and absolutely no nasties whatsoever. You can even smell the difference - our foods smell absolutely delicious!

  • Where is Asktatta made?
    Asktatta wet food is made in Thaliand. "Safe & Reliable"
  • Is Asktatta complete food?
    Yes, Asktatta wet food is complete food and comply with AAFCO.
  • Is Askatta suitable for Kidney Diease Receipe?
    Asktatta contain receipe which contain low phosphorus level, please refer to each product details. For any Chronic Kidney Diease receipe, we always recommend you to consult with your vet. 1. Astkatta Pure Chicken 170g (119mg / Kcal) 2. Astkatta Chicken & Duck 170g (119mg / Kcal) (New Receipe) 3. Astkatta Pure Saba 170g (85mg / Kcal) (New Receipe) 4. Astkatta Pure Chicken 80g (127mg / Kcal) 5. Astkatta Chicken & Duck 80g (117mg / Kcal) 6. Astkatta Pure Saba 170g (91mg / Kcal)
  • Does Asktatta contain any carrageenan?
    The Answer is NO! We keep our receipe simple & natural & healthy.
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